Bonita Bay + Lee Health = Blood Drive Success

Bonita Bay + Lee Health = Blood Drive Success

Since the coronavirus first arrived on the shores of America, people from across the country – as well as around the world – have been struggling with a path of uncertainty and the merry-go-round creation of newly changing procedures.

Lee County was no different.

Local blood banks were in desperate need of replenishing their blood supplies. Lee Health sent a community-wide “all-call” for blood – and the generous residents of Bonita Bay answered.

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Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones

Bonita Bay Celebrates Employees at Annual CARES (Commitment – Attitude – Resident Focused – Environment – Support) Event

Each fall, the Bonita Bay Community Association honors employees with “service awards” for the length of tenure with the company – and 2019 marked some significant milestones, indeed!

Employees from all departments gather to share in festivities; food, raffle prizes, and to receive recognition for their years of service. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones”

Bonita Bay Nesting Birds – an Audubon Focus

For a second straight year, Bonita Bay – an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Property recognized for its sustainable natural resource management and environmental stewardship, was recently visited by Audubon’s Regional Coordinator, Ann Paul, who was researching a famed nesting spot of local wading bird colonies – Bonita Bay’s own Hidden Harbor Lake and the islands therein.

Macias Great Blue Heron 12.2017
Great Blue Heron nest on Hidden Harbor Lake island.

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Hurricane Irma: Before & After

Hurricane Irma: Before & After

As a community that sustained a direct hit from a category 2 hurricane, with the eye-wall passing directly overhead, there were a variety of possible endings to apply at the conclusion of this storm. Thankfully, ours is one of luck and gratitude. Many who witnessed the ire of Irma first-hand determined we literally “dodged a bullet” based on initial forecast interpretations by local weather experts.

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What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!

What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!

horse racing

For horse-racing fans, you understand the importance and excitement of correctly naming a “trifecta” (essentially, three winners crossing the finish line in a particular order).

In the story that follows, you’ll discover an actionable, real-life example of a trifecta (although, in this specific case, the emphasis of the order isn’t the priority, but rather the focus lies within the three defined parties who cross the finish line).

Additionally, this “local trifecta”  is not found on a track filled with dirt, but rather in a community filled with encouragement. The three entities for whom “community” is synonymous with “kinship” and “cooperation” include Habitat For Humanity,  the award-winning landscape experts from O’Donnell Landscapes and the Bonita Bay Community Association.  Continue reading “What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!”

Bonita Bay’s 32nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Holiday Celebration Lights the Night Sky

Bonita Bay’s 32nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Holiday Celebration Lights the Night Sky

This past Wednesday evening, Riverwalk Park was transformed from a place of recreation into a merry extension of the North Pole; with a southwest Florida twist (no snow!). It was a vision of holiday wonderment for all to enjoy.

Attendance was overwhelming (it is estimated over 800+ residents, families and guests joined the festive occasion). If you have not attended this event over the past 32 years, we strongly suggest you mark the date on your calendar next year as a “not to miss” event.

For those who “mixed and a’ mingled,” thank you for your exuberant involvement. For those who were absent, here is a peek at some of the heartwarming highlights:

Photo collage from Bonita Bay’s 32nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony & Holiday Celebration

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Help the Bonita Bay Community Turn Blue (Zones!)

Help the Bonita Bay Community Turn Blue (Zones!)

Blue Zones HotspotsYou may have heard about Blue Zones? (Remember, not long ago we posted about Tavira getting Blue Zones recognized – the first high rise in Southwest Florida? Read about it HERE.)

What are Blue Zones?

Blue Zones are geographically defined areas where people live measurably longer and more healthy lives (based on studies, the five highlighted cities shown in the photo above are considered “Longevity Hot-Spots” when researching lifestyle, diet, social interaction and attitude.)

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Ribbon Cutting Revery

Ribbon Cutting Revery

Offering special thanks to the Bonita Bay Residents who joined the staff from the Bonita Bay Community Association for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House Celebration this past Friday. We realize this event had a limited number of spaces available, and therefore we wanted to share with those who were unable to attend some of the colorful highlights; it was a pleasant afternoon that hosted a warm and welcoming kick-off to what is certain to be another successful activity season for all Bonita Bay residents.

2016 01-08 1799
Front of Bonita Bay Community Activities Center.

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