Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones

Bonita Bay Celebrates Employees at Annual CARES (Commitment – Attitude – Resident Focused – Environment – Support) Event

Each fall, the Bonita Bay Community Association honors employees with “service awards” for the length of tenure with the company – and 2019 marked some significant milestones, indeed!

Employees from all departments gather to share in festivities; food, raffle prizes, and to receive recognition for their years of service. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones”

Around The Bay – A National Winner!

Last fall, the BBCA social activities department submitted a copy of the Around the Bay newsletter to Association Trends All-Media Contest. (Association Trends  provides support to association executives and industry partners, specializing in data, insight, and training.)

The competition included approximately 300 entries in 23 categories of association communications. To determine winners, the panel of judges weighed creativity, in both overall artistic ability as well as substantive content, along with messaging and total distribution.  Continue reading “Around The Bay – A National Winner!”

Bonita Bay: A Pathway for the Monarchs

103BG-ArborWhen David Shakarian first began planning Bonita Bay, one can only wonder if his mind’s eye envisioned everything that this distinguished community offers today – over 30 years later. Almost certainly he may not have considered the ethereal addition of a specified habitat for one pleasant floaty creature; a garden dedicated to the propagation of butterflies. 

Butterfly Garden History

According to Steve Pietrzyk, former director of grounds maintenance operations for Bonita Bay Properties, the scope of planning the Butterfly Garden began in the mid-90s. “Back then, everyone wanted to be here (Bonita Bay) and we were always looking for new and cool things to do – things that were ‘award-worthy.’ At the time, there were no high-rises and visiting Estero Bay Park was like traveling to the ends of the earth!”, says Pietrzyk. Continue reading “Bonita Bay: A Pathway for the Monarchs”

BBCA Remains Audubon Certified – 14 Years Strong!


For the past 14 years running, the Bonita Bay Community Association has proudly boasted the elite status of being named an Audubon Certified Cooperative Sanctuary. The Audubon program concerns itself with five key environmental components that form the basis of their educational materials and serve as focal points for achieving certification status; Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Water and Resource Management and finally, Outreach and Education. Continue reading “BBCA Remains Audubon Certified – 14 Years Strong!”

Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized

Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized

Bonita Bay + Blue Zones

Community Association joins Blue Zones Project
to support longer, better lives

Ribbon Cutting Crop
Bonita Bay Community Association Blue Zones Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

NAPLES, Fla. – May 11, 2017 – Can your community make you healthy? It can if you live in Bonita Bay. The Bonita Bay Community Association recently became a Blue Zones Project® recognized organization, reflecting its commitment to making healthy choices easier. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized”

BBCA Celebrates Employee Milestones

BBCA Celebrates Employee Milestones

Each year before “season” officially begins, the management team from the Bonita Bay Community Association hosts their employees to its annual customer service (CARES) event; a celebration honoring years of service awards and recognition, promotions and welcoming new members to the team. This event allows the entire staff a chance to get inspired together and the tone is set for the upcoming season at Bonita Bay.

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Bonita Bay’s Tavira = Blue Zones Project

Bonita Bay’s Tavira = Blue Zones Project

Recently, there was an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Tavira building at Bonita Bay – now an official Blue Zones project. This is exciting news, but first, what is a Blue Zones Project?

According to the  website, a Blue Zones Project is a community-wide well-being improvement initiative to help make healthy choices easier for everyone in Southwest Florida.

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Bonita Bay Arborist Wins Award


According to the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), the Award of Distinction is bestowed upon an individual, long standing active member (10 years or more) who has provided a substantial, long-term contribution to the advancement of the purpose and substance of the Florida Chapter International Society of Arboriculture.

 Congratulations Santiago Roman



Nominated by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board of Directors and William Lynn, Director of Grounds Maintenance for Bonita Bay, Lynn states, “I am pleased to announce that our very own, Santiago Roman, has won the 2015 ‘Award of Distinction’ from the ISA, Florida Chapter and will be attending the Tree Climbing Championship Awards dinner to receive his award.”

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