Bonita Bay Electrician Gets Master Certification

Bonita Bay Electrician Gets Master Certification
Bonita Bay Community

Pocketed between Fort Myers and Naples, on the gulf coast of Florida lies Bonita Springs  – home to Bonita Bay, a private gated community that hosts a few thousand homes.

Keeping a community like Bonita Bay at its tip-top best takes a team of well-skilled employees who are passionate about their work and its environment. Fortunately for the residents of Bonita Bay, there is a dedicated crew tasked with keeping order to the utilities of the property. Most people are likely unaware that included in the employees that help keep Bonita Bay operating at an exceptional level include an on-site arborist, hardscape team, and as of recently, this team now includes a master certified electrician. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Electrician Gets Master Certification”