BB Employees’ Life-Saving Day

Apart from regular daily tasks and routine duties, situations arise that often require an immediate accelerated shift into another mode – ACTION. To switch from everyday work operations to emergency task trained procedures can be challenging, yet on February 21st, the team at the Bonita Bay Beach Park did that very thing. They transitioned effortlessly from the everyday operational mode to an immediate emergency response and all in the blink of an eye.


While winter plays its dreary pranks all over the northern half of the U.S, Florida takes a more dreamy approach to the season by showcasing enviable weather featuring its shining star – the beach!

One day while indulging in the local sand and salt life, Bonita Bay resident Audrey Ferraro, along with her friend Jeanne, was waiting for lunch from the Railhead Cafe, the onsite food service that offers daily bites to beachgoers during the busy winter season.

Completely out of the sunny blue sky, Audrey and Jeanne witnessed something wholly unexpected. Matthew Rutkowski, a cafe worker, suddenly – and without warning – collapsed.

Before anyone knew what was happening, Jeanne – former elementary school nurse – flew into action, and muscled the break-away counter back, and began to assess the victim. When no pulse was detected, Jeanne immediately began to perform chest compressions. Continue reading “BB Employees’ Life-Saving Day”

Honoring BB resident photographer Anne Macias

Editor’s note: It is not customary to highlight one Bonita Bay resident over another, yet due to her overwhelming exposure in the community, her unrivaled passion for photography, and her unwavering support of the Community Activities team, it is with esteemed honor that we dedicate this post to Anne Macias.

Anne’s photography graces the Bonita Bay website, the walls of the administration offices and activities center, and is a staple in many social media collages and postings. It is unlikely that Anne’s legacy to the preservation of birds on Hidden Harbor islands, her dedication to nature and wildlife – and to our team –  will ever be replicated. 

UPDATE: The Bonita Bay Resident Wildlife Sponsors have created a non-profit organization and changed their name to the Macias Wildlife Society of Bonita Bay. For those wishing to make a donation in Anne’s memory – or to support wildlife outreach in Bonita Bay – they can be sent to Macias Wildlife Society of Bonita Bay, Inc. | P.O. Box 366002 | Bonita Springs, FL 34136

In memory of

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Valentine’s Day Special: A Bonita Bay Love Story

Love CandyWe all know the classic romanticized linear love story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married and have a family. Until death do they part. The End.

Yet, not all love stories are as straight-forward as the classic love story.

Some love stories replicate a complicated maze; unclear exactly how or where one entered this crazy love-maze and no apparent clue where the twists and turns will end. Without scientific cause and defying all explanation, the crazy love maze delivers love once again, often disguised as something more benign initially. Yet the impact leaves reverberations on lonely souls, rescuing them from their despair. Those that may have vowed “never to love again,” fearful there is no chance of “lightning striking twice” are often happily surprised.  Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Special: A Bonita Bay Love Story”

Bonita Bay Arborist Celebrates 5 Years

It takes many hands to ensure the grounds of Bonita Bay regularly greets residents with grandiose splendor and natural beauty – and this includes varying species of thousands of trees!

Did you know that Bonita Bay has a certified arborist on staff to keep the canopy of trees looking their stellar best?  Meet Santiago Roman!


Santiago has been working for the Bonita Bay Community Association for five years as of January 2018. He discovered this career calling by a combination of his love for the outdoors and a family landscape business. No doubt, it’s a collaboration of genetics and passion! Continue reading “Bonita Bay Arborist Celebrates 5 Years”

Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized

Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized

Bonita Bay + Blue Zones

Community Association joins Blue Zones Project
to support longer, better lives

Ribbon Cutting Crop
Bonita Bay Community Association Blue Zones Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

NAPLES, Fla. – May 11, 2017 – Can your community make you healthy? It can if you live in Bonita Bay. The Bonita Bay Community Association recently became a Blue Zones Project® recognized organization, reflecting its commitment to making healthy choices easier. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Community Blue Zones Recognized”

Bonita Bay Celebrates Centenarian

Bonita Bay Celebrates Centenarian


From Humble Beginnings

The year was 1917.

Woodrow Wilson was president of the United States.

In the early 1900’s, the average life expectancy was 47 years and many of the modern conveniences we take for granted, like electricity and indoor plumbing were the exception, not the rule. Items like washing machines and gas stoves were not invented yet. Housework was considered hard labor, and the average US wage was just 22 cents an hour; even sliced bread wasn’t a concept until 1928!

On April 19, 1917, Vincent (Vinny) Hugh Petrolino was welcomed into the world in Astoria, Queens – one of the five boroughs of New York City. He was raised alongside a brother and a sister by an Italian father and Irish/Scottish mother.  Continue reading “Bonita Bay Celebrates Centenarian”

Two Bonita Bay Employee Stand-Outs

Two Bonita Bay Employee Stand-Outs

As an organized workplace, the Bonita Bay Community Association has manuals by which employees can refer to obtain information on various aspects of their jobs; scheduling, procedures, policies and action plans – all the tangible barometers needed for measuring achievement and success.

After close examination of the table of contents of any human resource operational manual, there is one element that defies definition; a trait we know to exist, yet its framework is often not outlined, as it’s not a measurable skill. Loosely defined, this skill is the conceptual ability to ascertain when a fellow human is suffering, either from a condition within themselves or abrupt measures cast upon one from the outside world. Continue reading “Two Bonita Bay Employee Stand-Outs”

Meet Your Manager: Rob White

Ready to meet the next Bonita Bay Manager? The month of August features Rob White, Manager of Community Patrol.

Since the years’ of collective experience, dedication and longevity at Bonita Bay are immense, it is with great pride – and a tribute to an exceptional work environment – that we highlight “Who’s who” behind the inner-workings of the Bonita Bay Community Association; a group that serves all residents. It’s because of our resident-owners’ that these milestones are of the utmost value.

{To recap, each month, one esteemed member of the Bonita Bay Community Association management team is featured; beginning with the manager with the LONGEST tenure of service – to the newest! In case you missed any of the past blogs, read about Robin Leete, general manager, HERE;  Jerry McPherson, director of design review, HERE; Bill Lynn, director of community maintenance,  HERE; Karen Delmonte, controller, HERE; Sandy Myers, Beach Park Manager, HERE; and Wilson Cypher, assistant director of community maintenance HERE.}

Rob White, Manager of Community Patrol

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Meet Your Manager: Karen Delmonte

Meet Your Manager: Karen Delmonte

It’s June and time to meet another Bonita Bay Manager – this month’s feature spotlight belongs to Karen Delmonte, Controller at the Bonita Bay Community Association.

{To recap, each month, one esteemed member of the Bonita Bay Community Association management team is featured; beginning with the manager with the LONGEST tenure of service – to the newest! In case you missed any of the past blogs, read about Robin Leete, general manager – HERE;  Jerry McPherson, director of design review, HERE, Bill Lynn, director of community maintenance,  HERE, and Sandy Myers, Beach Park Manager, HERE.}

Karen Delmonte

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