Bonita Bay Community Association

As the master association for Bonita Bay, the Community Association is dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty and integrity of historical Bonita Bay and offers plentiful recreational opportunities with a private beach park, three on-site recreational parks, and miles of beautiful paved trails.

Bonita Bay Beach Park

The Bonita Bay Beach Park is the most popular of the four Community Association Parks, located on the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 10-15 minutes from the U.S. 41 main entrance to Bonita Bay. Residents and their guests enjoy swimming, sunning, shelling, bird-watching and fishing at this personally attended park. Picnic pavilions, grills, beach chairs and lounges, umbrellas, showers, restrooms (equipped with infant changing stations), and parking are provided for residents in a setting that is landscaped with native beachfront vegetation.

Bonita Bay Community Activities

Bonita Bay Community Activities is a department of the Community Association which organizes activities and annual events for the entire community and open to all residents. They offer an array of activities that appeal to everyone; thought-provoking lectures, creative art classes, educational classes, and cooking classes as well as excursions to local attractions and theater and baseball spring training tickets. Annual Events are open to all residents and their guests (many of which are held in the Community Parks), and include; The Christmas Tree Lighting & Holiday Celebration, Bay Breeze Concert Series, and our Easter Egg Hunt with over 9,000 eggs for our younger, eager egg-gatherers!

Community Maintenance

A Certified Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary and recipient of numerous and prestigious awards, the Community Maintenance department are dedicated to maintaining the Master Association, common areas and preserving over 45- acres of natural habitats and lakes throughout Bonita Bay.

Community Patrol

Bonita Bay is an exclusive, gated community in which all of the internal roadways are privately owned; which allows us to maintain “permission/resident only” access at all of our entry gates. Roadways within Bonita Bay are patrolled 24- hours a day, 365 days per year by Community Patrol Officers. The Community Patrol Department also provides access control for the Beach Park during seasonal months.

Bonita Bay Design Review

One of the most appealing aspects of Bonita Bay is the beautiful blending of architecture and the environment. Bonita Bay has a professionally staffed Design Review committee to help guide the building process and assure long-term community quality. The ultimate goal of this committee is to protect the beauty and desirability of the community by the use of design review guidelines and specific native landscaping requirements.

One thought on “About Bonita Bay

  1. My Brother and SIL just left from visiting us and they continually commented on how lovely the architecture and especially the environment of foliage and plants were so beautifully blended.


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