Around The Bay – A National Winner!

Last fall, the BBCA social activities department submitted a copy of the Around the Bay newsletter to Association Trends All-Media Contest. (Association Trends  provides support to association executives and industry partners, specializing in data, insight, and training.)

The competition included approximately 300 entries in 23 categories of association communications. To determine winners, the panel of judges weighed creativity, in both overall artistic ability as well as substantive content, along with messaging and total distribution. 

Under the category “Monthly Newsletter or Communication” the following winners were announced:

Public Affairs Council; Impact

Bonita Bay Community Association; Around The Bay Newsletter

American Society for Cell Biology; ASCB Newsletter Redesign

The final placement of awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be announced live at the 40th Salute to Association Excellence on March 22nd in Washington, DC.

Jennifer Moening, Assistant Lifestyle Director and Katie Walters, Communications Coordinator will be representing the BBCA in the hopes of “bringing home the gold!”

ATB Covers
Former Around the Bay Covers – 2006 to 2015

According to BBCA Lifestyle Director, Elke Kauder, “The Bonita Bay Community Activities newsletter (Around the Bay) has been in production since the mid-90s and has seen a few design changes. Two years ago, we made the decision to bring the production in-house, completely redesigning everything from the cover to the interior layout. I am so proud of our teams’ accomplishment, especially after witnessing how much work goes into each issue. It is truly a labor of love and it has been exciting to participate in its evolution. Also, to be recognized amongst companies in completely unrelated industries is very exciting. We are thrilled to be named as a winner and look forward to the final results. A newsletter makes no sense unless it delivers information clearly and evokes thought and inspires action – and we delivered on all accounts!!”

The Around The Bay newsletter that was submitted for entry is shown below.


Final placement announcement will occur in late March.


Written by Katie Walters

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