BB Bicycle Club Honors Cyclist in “Ride of Silence”

Ride of Silence
Top photo; Claude Weir addresses riders. Bottom left; Claude Weir, Jill Augustine (an original member of the BBBC) and David Timm, BBBC president. Bottom right; Ride of Silence riders.

The Ride of Silence is an annual international bicycle ride to commemorate cyclists killed and support those injured while riding on public roads. It also helps to raise awareness among motorists, the public and decision makers of the dangers cyclists face, especially from other traffic.

The first Ride of Silence was held in Dallas, Texas in 2003. Many participants found the experience to be very moving. Originally conceived as a one-time event, it has been repeated every year since. Cyclists in cities around the globe have joined this movement. It has grown each year, with around 400 locations participating, most in the United States, but typically on all seven continents, including Antarctica.

In 2013, the tenth anniversary, Ride of Silence events were held in 26 countries. The Ride of Silence is held on the evening of the third Wednesday in May.

The Bonita Bay Bicycle Club and the Pelican Landing Bicycle Club worked in concert with Bonita Bay Community Patrol staff this year for The Ride of Silence which took place on May 16. Community Patrol supported riders by providing a lead and trail vehicle, allowing riders safe conditions and kept the flow going through intersections, much like a funeral procession.

This meaningful event was organized and hosted by Claude and Yvette Weir in honor of Jim Stiger – founder of Pelican Landing’s Bicycle Club who died tragically in a cycling accident last fall.  Following the Ride of Silence, a reception was held at the Bonita Bay Club.

“I am glad that we were able to pay tribute to Jim who, by all accounts, was a very special human being. His tragic death was, indeed, the catalyst to resurrect this international event here within Bonita Bay. We look forward to more Bonita Bay residents participating next year.”

-Claude Weir, BBBC member

At the completion of the Ride of Silence, cyclists attend a reception at the Bonita Bay Club.

Bonita Bay Community Association staff members from the Community Patrol department assisted with event planning and traffic control – special thanks to Matt Walsh, Pete Palmiotti, Jim Warren, Larry Roach, and Vince Matteini.

In addition, much appreciation and recognition are offered to Claude and Yvette Weir for their leadership and support in reviving this very important and memorable international event. 

For more information on the Bonita Bay Bicycle Club, please visit their website.


Written by Katie Walters

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