Bonita Bay Community

Pocketed between Fort Myers and Naples, on the gulf coast of Florida lies Bonita Springs  – home to Bonita Bay, a private gated community that hosts a few thousand homes.

Keeping a community like Bonita Bay at its tip-top best takes a team of well-skilled employees who are passionate about their work and its environment. Fortunately for the residents of Bonita Bay, there is a dedicated crew tasked with keeping order to the utilities of the property. Most people are likely unaware that included in the employees that help keep Bonita Bay operating at an exceptional level include an on-site arborist, hardscape team, and as of recently, this team now includes a master certified electrician.

The Bonita Bay Community Association proudly announces that five-year employee Mason Corbin received his “Master Electrician Certification” in February. This achievement is something that Mason has been working on for several years – beginning with a journeyman certification, then putting extreme time and effort into a master certification.

The Bonita Bay Community Association supports employees’ career goals and efforts by providing training to assist with licensing and self-improvement. We believe it’s important to show our employees that if you come forward with opportunities that relate to your job, we can help you achieve your career goals. We were happy to help Mason achieve his career goals by providing him what he needed to gain his master certification. Mason is a model employee who takes the toughest of tasks head-on. We have tremendous faith in his abilities, skill-set and dedication to his work. Mason holds himself to a high-standard – always completing a task with the end goal of long-term functionality in mind.”

-Wilson Cypher, Assistant Director of Grounds Maintenance for Bonita Bay

Mason is responsible for most of the repairs, installation and regular maintenance of electrical equipment at Bonita Bay. He spends a majority of his time on lighting, but he also does a multitude of electrical work including planning projects, operating within specified budgets and providing supervision, as necessary. Mason has played an integral part on various community projects such as the bocce ball court update, River Walk park dock lights, Eagles Nest bridge LED conversion, and the main entrance construction, as well as a litany of smaller projects.

We had the chance to speak with Mason personally to learn more about this amazing employee and his successes, of which he states, achieving his master’s certification is his greatest achievement to date. Mason also credits much of his success to the people that have supported him throughout his career.

Mason Corbin

What led you to your career as an electrician?

I went to college immediately after I graduated from high school and studied electronic engineering at ITT in Tampa. I received my Associates of Science degree but found the jobs I was qualified to perform were tedious and the wages weren’t nearly as good as my bartending job. I forgot about electronics for the moment and decided to go to Full Sail in Orlando to study audio engineering and recording arts. Full sail is essentially an art school, and like most people with art degrees, I didn’t do much with it. The music business was tough to get into and my plans to become a superstar disc jockey weren’t panning out. I usually held restaurant or construction jobs, although I saw no future in restaurants, I was intrigued by the skilled-trades on construction sites. I remember watching an electrician (on a job site) and thought his job was neat – then I realized I had an education in electrical theory! I got a job as an electrician assistant and liked the work enough to make a career out of it. 

What is the best part of your job at Bonita Bay? What is your biggest challenge? 

The best part of my job is problem-solving, repairing and building equipment; also creativity. Here at BBCA, our focus is on quality, which I am fanatical about. It is my responsibility to provide a plan for electrical repairs, so I design projects in a way that makes the most sense (to me) with the key to making any future servicing needs easier – something you do not find very often when working for contractors. Typical construction projects have blueprints and specifications that must be followed. Likewise, regular service calls are done as fast and cheap as possible, allowing no space for creativity. At Bonita Bay, the structure is complex, yet I am allowed to use my skills and instill creativity when appropriate – which I’m psyched about. 

The biggest challenge in my job is managing through a project with unexpected obstacles that I am unfamiliar with – and since I am the only electrician on staff, it’s my responsibility to make sense of any new equipment or products, which includes independent research to figure out how to use them or incorporate them into our system. I always try to have a goal in mind to better myself, which is why I pursued my master’s license. 

Mason Corbin Family
Mason, Dalton (2), Blaine (8), Charlotte (6), Emma (9), Abby (7), and wife, Tiffany.

Finally, outside of work, most of Mason’s “free” time is spent with his lovely family, which includes his wife Tiffany, and their five children. Mason adds, “We have the kids involved in soccer, gymnastics, and dance, just to name a few. My weekends are always full. The past few year’s I’ve discovered an interest in muscle cars but I don’t consider it a hobby because I just don’t have much time. I also used to occasionally work as a DJ, but with the children, it didn’t fit into my life, so I retired.”

Bonita Bay is honored that Mason joined our team, and wish him many more years as our master certified electrician.



Written by Katie Walters

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