Meet Your Manager: Rob White

Ready to meet the next Bonita Bay Manager? The month of August features Rob White, Manager of Community Patrol.

Since the years’ of collective experience, dedication and longevity at Bonita Bay are immense, it is with great pride – and a tribute to an exceptional work environment – that we highlight “Who’s who” behind the inner-workings of the Bonita Bay Community Association; a group that serves all residents. It’s because of our resident-owners’ that these milestones are of the utmost value.

{To recap, each month, one esteemed member of the Bonita Bay Community Association management team is featured; beginning with the manager with the LONGEST tenure of service – to the newest! In case you missed any of the past blogs, read about Robin Leete, general manager, HERE;  Jerry McPherson, director of design review, HERE; Bill Lynn, director of community maintenance,  HERE; Karen Delmonte, controller, HERE; Sandy Myers, Beach Park Manager, HERE; and Wilson Cypher, assistant director of community maintenance HERE.}

Rob White, Manager of Community Patrol

Introducing Rob White, Manager of Community Patrol at Bonita Bay.

How long have you worked for the Bonita Bay Community Association? How did you decide to pursue your career?

I began working at Bonita Bay in June 2002. I joined the Air Force upon graduating from high school and since there was a shortage of security police, I chose that field. Basically, I wanted to get away from the family farm and see the world. 

What was the pivotal moment in your career? 

Upon leaving the Air Force, I applied for a job with a contract security firm in Raleigh, NC. I really enjoyed this job, and was promoted quickly (mainly due to the fact I worked all the time and loved it!) There was an opening in Fort Lauderdale for a Branch Manager, and without even posting the job, my company sent me to determine if I would be interested – which I was!

Over the Christmas holiday that year, I relocated to Fort Lauderdale; this promotion placed me in the managerial ranks of the company, which was a huge pivotal moment for me.

Before long, the Fort Lauderdale branch was turning a profit, and I was again asked to relocate to a an office that was failing and needed support – this time it was Bonita Springs. As it turns out, the company I worked for had just lost the contract for Bonita Bay; talk about ironic! 


How do you maintain daily motivation and inspiration for yourself and your team, despite obstacles?

I believe it is less important to issue orders than to seek answers and ideas from those working the job. A big part of my job is to listen to the people who work for me and to support their efforts. It is still important to make the hard decisions, but only when equipped with the knowledge to do so. 


Share a success story from your job at Bonita Bay.

Shorty after starting at Bonita Bay, it became apparent the patrol department was not maintaining accurate records that highlighted the daily efforts of the staff. Within my first year, this was changed, and daily counts were maintained and a “Daily Blotter” was introduced that listed the activities of the patrol staff. Over the years, this document has proven invaluable and I cannot count the number of times I have referred the data to justify and qualify the efforts of the Community Patrol Department.  


What is the best part about working at Bonita Bay?

That’s a tough question to answer as there are so many things I like about my job; but I’d have to say the best part is knowing everyone on the team cares about making Bonita Bay, not only a great place to live, but a great place to work. The staff works hard, but we also have fun along the way.


What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I love to travel, see new places and fully immerse myself in the culture. I plan a new trip each year to a location I’ve not yet visited – this summer it will be South Africa.


If you could give your 21- year old self a piece of career advice, what would it be?

The only way to get a seat at the table is to pull up a chair, because no one is going to offer you theirs!



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