It’s June and time to meet another Bonita Bay Manager – this month’s feature spotlight belongs to Karen Delmonte, Controller at the Bonita Bay Community Association.

{To recap, each month, one esteemed member of the Bonita Bay Community Association management team is featured; beginning with the manager with the LONGEST tenure of service – to the newest! In case you missed any of the past blogs, read about Robin Leete, general manager – HERE;  Jerry McPherson, director of design review, HERE, Bill Lynn, director of community maintenance,  HERE, and Sandy Myers, Beach Park Manager, HERE.}

Karen Delmonte

Since the years’ of collective experience, dedication and longevity at Bonita Bay are immense, it is with great pride – and a tribute to an exceptional work environment – that we highlight “Who’s who” behind the inner-workings of the Bonita Bay Community Association; a group that serves all residents. It’s because of our resident-owners’ that these milestones are of the utmost value.

Introducing Karen Delmonte, Controller for the Bonita Bay Community Association.

How long have you been working for the Bonita Bay Community Association? How did you decide to pursue your career?

I’ve been working at Bonita Bay for 19 years.

I was educated as a teacher, became a librarian, and was assigned the financial end of reporting the library expenses to the city accounting area. I found I really liked the “numbers side of life.”

I worked a corporate job in private industry, went back to school for my MBA, and continued my accounting career.

What was a pivotal moment?

I am fortunate to be a “people person” working in an area that highly values detail oriented people. The qualities that have helped me immensely in all my positions: I have the teaching background to explain accounting to non-accounting people, I have skills to deal with people, and I have accounting knowledge. I saw early on in all my positions that having and using these skills was a key factor. In my many positions, having people skills has enabled me to work through issues that an “accounting” person might find difficult.


How do you maintain daily motivation and inspiration for yourself/your team, despite obstacles?

A well placed laugh, sharing joy or pain, and acknowledging that today might be tough,  but it will get better. Always teaching and learning: keep it light, make work, especially accounting, so it’s not boring and mundane. Appreciate that people have a life outside work and respect everyone for their choices.


Share a success story from your job at Bonita Bay.

Years ago, employees were given a gift card as part of a customer service program (BBPI). To make it truly a gift, the related taxes were paid by the company, but inadvertently this didn’t happen correctly. I worked closely with the payroll company to make up the difference for the employees, which overall was a small task for me to perform as part of my job.

The grounds employees got together and presented me with a customer service award of my very own, which was signed by each and every employee; that simple act meant so much to me – and I still have the award framed and on display in my office.


What is the best part about working at Bonita Bay?

The best part is the people, my fellow employees, and the respect that every person shows every other person, regardless of position or department.


What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I love horror movies, and I am an avid reader of fiction books; both of which I have loved and enjoyed since my youth.


If you could give your 21- year old self a piece of career advice, what would it be?

Money isn’t everything in life: find what you love for a job and do it well, and it won’t feel like work.




Don’t miss next month’s featured manager: Wilson Cypher, Assistant Director of Community Grounds Maintenance.

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