(Not) Just Another Regular Wednesday

(Not) Just Another Regular Wednesday

This Wednesday began like any other random Wednesday during the month of March; garden-variety, standard-issue, very uncommonly common.

Wednesday – otherwise known as the mid-week “high-five” in celebration of successfully navigating the beginning of the week.

Wednesday is often favored as the official “mid-point” of the week prior to the slow roll towards the weekend.

The thing about the Wednesday in question, is all regular days have the ability to be something more.

Some are even labeled special.

On a “special” Wednesday, every single thing just happens to go “right.” Instead of following the natural order of the Universe, a special Wednesday flips the switch from standard to exceptional.

And all in a matter of seconds. Or rather, less than seven minutes.

Regardless of the fact the fabled nursery rhyme Monday’s Child, proclaims that “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” some Wednesdays are created to offer hope. A phenomenon. Dare to say, some Wednesdays happen to create a miracle?

And miracles usually don’t keep a schedule.

In fact, typically, miracles operate undercover, just out of sight. And only when hope is beginning to pack an overnight bag, a miracle arrives on the scene, chasing away despair, and offering hope a front seat.

Mostly, we expect a miracle to happen to someone far, far away, or within the scenes of a fantastical whimsy plot found on a Netflix Romcom. It isn’t very often that extraordinary miracles happen on regular days to regular folks.

Thankfully for the following story however, a miracle placed itself front and center, demanding the attention of everyone who assumed “just another Wednesday” was about to take place.

On this particular routine “Hump-Day”, a regularly scheduled meeting requested the presence of company management.

The meeting was scheduled to begin shortly. Managers began arriving. One manager was standing in the lobby and noticed another manager walking toward the building.

“Standard” Wednesday still in action – yet the shift was but seconds away.

There was a gasp, then a loud exclamation.

Confusion washed over.

What was the source of the gasp?

An immediate investigation revealed the manager who was walking toward the building was suddenly and mysteriously lying on the pavement. He was eerily still.

Brain synapsis began firing.

This was NOT NORMAL Wednesday behavior. Not normal at all.

When first presented with an atypical situation, the brain has a very unique way of presenting scenarios. Why is this person not moving? Why is he on the ground? What is the source of this irregular behavior?

Like ants charging off their hill to investigate a sudden change in territory or to ward off an intruder, bystanders acted much like an army of ants and went into high alert.

Immediate assessments were made over the downed man.

Orders were shouted. People raced into action. This “normal” Wednesday instantly pivoted into “action” Wednesday. The race against the clock began as heroic efforts to literally pump life back into the downed man commenced.

The ability to step into an emergency and ACT is one thing.

The ability to step into an emergency and react like a human textbook is entirely another.

Attending class sessions and practicing on a mannequin in a controlled environment does not an emergency reaction make. Taking those learned skills and transplanting them to the concrete pathway outside takes initiative, grit, bravery, and the uncanny ability to remain 1000% focused on the task at hand; performing CPR while a life is literally hanging in the balance.

Much to the serendipity of the downed man, he escaped peril on this regular-turned-miracle Wednesday because of the swift and expeditious actions of several persons – who just happened to be regularly CPR/AED certified. Add to the mix one temporary employee who recently passed her nursing examination and the recipe for a miracle was in play.

From the time emergency services were initially contacted until their imminent arrival was less than seven minutes.

Things you can do in less than seven minutes may include emptying the dishwasher, sorting through the daily mail, taking out the trash, or making a sandwich. The time it takes for a fire truck to arrive from station to victim is also less than seven minutes.

And in those seven minutes, a group of colleagues, plus one courageous stranger turned an average Wednesday into an extraordinary one. A miracle.

And all on a Wednesday that began very regular but ended marking a date on the calendar that will be celebrated for years to come.


It is with enormous relief to report the BBCA employee has safely returned to work. As he was welcomed him back, there were many hugs – and more than a few tears of joy – all around. Later, while shared his survival story with a family member, the family member was so inspired that she set the wheels in motion at her own workplace to facilitate CPR training sessions.

If there is a single takeaway from this life-saving story, it’s this – get CPR/AED certified. If your company will not sponsor you – then take the action steps needed to do so on your own.

You never know when a regular day will turn miraculous simply by the actions taken.

The BBCA sponsors employees to maintain CPR/AED certifications every two years. The four employees who acted in this life-saving event have been nominated to receive the Phoenix Award. From the BBCA: Wilson Cypher, Lorvena Dorvilus, Bill Lynn, Jennifer Moening, and Katie Walters, and from ProCon General Contractors, Ashley Martin. The Phoenix Award ceremony will be held at the Bonita Bay Community Activities Center on Wednesday, April 21st.

Written by Katie Walters

Literary Contest Winner

Bonita Bay residents were asked to submit a poem or short story explaining why they chose this community over all the others in Southwest Florida.

We thank all the residents who willingly submitted their writings to us, and before the winner is announced, the following snippets are noteworthy “honorable mentions” of the many reasons residents love and chose Bonita Bay as their home.

Take your car and pull through the gate; Wave hello, paradise awaits. Beautiful grounds, many lakes too; How about a swim in the pool? Nighttime comes, hot tubs are there; Take a dip with friends, if you dare. Walk for miles, bike or blade; Grab some coffee at the Promenade. Sunsets are stunning, enjoy the sea and the sand; All the while, with a libation in hand.

– Olivia Cambs
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Bonita Bay + Lee Health = Blood Drive Success

Bonita Bay + Lee Health = Blood Drive Success

Since the coronavirus first arrived on the shores of America, people from across the country – as well as around the world – have been struggling with a path of uncertainty and the merry-go-round creation of newly changing procedures.

Lee County was no different.

Local blood banks were in desperate need of replenishing their blood supplies. Lee Health sent a community-wide “all-call” for blood – and the generous residents of Bonita Bay answered.

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Tennis/Pickleball Court Renovation Moves Forward

Tennis/Pickleball Court Renovation Moves Forward

Tennis_Pickleball Email Cover (1)

With approval from the Bonita Bay Community Association Board of Directors, the tennis/pickleball facility at Riverwalk Park is in the process of a complete replacement. Since the facility’s inception nearly 30 years ago, the courts have been resurfaced several times; the fencing has been repaired but never replaced.

▪ Demolition of existing court and fence (complete) 
▪ Expand court size to accommodate four pickleball courts and one tennis court
▪ New asphalt court will be finished with Laykold Masters Gel Surface
▪ Installation of new 12′ fence to support e-noise abatement blanket
▪ Court lights will be converted to dark sky compliance standards
▪ Landscape for buffering

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The Unique Art of Rock Stacking

The Unique Art of Rock Stacking

History of Rock Stacking

The fine art of “stacking rocks” has been around for centuries. In fact, this practice has been in existence for so long that archeologists have no method of determining when it first began.

A small stack of meticulously stacked rocks is called a cairn, derived from a Gaelic term meaning “heap of stones.” One useful purpose of a cairn is to guide hikers by marking the trail or a turn in the trail or a mountain top. In North America, evidence shows that early Native American tribes used stacked rocks to mark burial sites or to create a memorial. Continue reading “The Unique Art of Rock Stacking”

Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones

Bonita Bay Celebrates Employees at Annual CARES (Commitment – Attitude – Resident Focused – Environment – Support) Event

Each fall, the Bonita Bay Community Association honors employees with “service awards” for the length of tenure with the company – and 2019 marked some significant milestones, indeed!

Employees from all departments gather to share in festivities; food, raffle prizes, and to receive recognition for their years of service. Continue reading “Bonita Bay Celebrates Employee Milestones”

Support for Neighboring Bahamians

Support for Neighboring Bahamians

After we experienced first-hand the overwhelming despair of a hurricane, we know exactly the support needed to help those who have been ravaged by a historic storm. Irma was a direct hit on southwest Florida, much like Dorian was in the Bahamas. The difference? The Bahama Islands are in peril – and our closest neighbors need our help.

Recent devastation to the Bahamas from Hurricane Dorian

Join the Bonita Bay Community Association’s effort to offer relief to those in need as we act as a gathering spot for donations for those suffering in the Bahamas.

Bring your donations to Bonita Bay Community Association, 3451 Bonita Bay Blvd., #100, Bonita Springs by Thursday, September 12th.  

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Preserving Nature’s Balancing Act

Preserving Nature’s Balancing Act

Bonita Bay, recognizing the delicate ecological balancing act between flora, fauna and human inhabitants, remains steadfast to preserving the vision of its founder – living in harmony with nature.

Untitled design

It’s no secret that Bonita Bay’s foundational credo – living in harmony with nature – began from a single vision of creating an environmentally responsible community. That mantra has become the emotional driver of the actions required to maintain that vision. Continue reading “Preserving Nature’s Balancing Act”

Around The Bay – A National Winner!

Last fall, the BBCA social activities department submitted a copy of the Around the Bay newsletter to Association Trends All-Media Contest. (Association Trends  provides support to association executives and industry partners, specializing in data, insight, and training.)

The competition included approximately 300 entries in 23 categories of association communications. To determine winners, the panel of judges weighed creativity, in both overall artistic ability as well as substantive content, along with messaging and total distribution.  Continue reading “Around The Bay – A National Winner!”

The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias

The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias

The Circle of life – perennial energy that flows unceasingly regardless of location. As humans, at our baseline of consciousness, one thing is clear  – our life is a finite event; it possesses a very clear beginning, and without question, a definitive end. What happens “in the middle” is mostly construed of daily choices, habits, a bit of luck and a pinch of happenstance tossed in for good measure.

Legacy is seldom a common theme for the first half of life but tends to become a major consideration once middle-age settles in. More “mature” souls may begin to search the rear-view mirror for clues, posing the question, “What is the essence of my legacy to humankind?” In certain cases, when the ending arrives rapidly and without expectation, legacy is hazy and left mostly unplanned. Continue reading “The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias”