Around The Bay – A National Winner!

Last fall, the BBCA social activities department submitted a copy of the Around the Bay newsletter to Association Trends All-Media Contest. (Association Trends provides support to association executives and industry partners, specializing in data, insight, and training.)

The competition included approximately 300 entries in 23 categories of association communications. The panel of judges takes into consideration creativity, in both overall artistic ability as well as substantive content. Continue reading “Around The Bay – A National Winner!”


The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias

The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias

The Circle of life – perennial energy that flows unceasingly regardless of location. As humans, at our baseline of consciousness, one thing is clear  – our life is a finite event; it possesses a very clear beginning and without question, a definitive end. What happens “in the middle” is mostly construed of daily choices, habits, a bit of luck and a pinch of happenstance tossed in for good measure.

Legacy is seldom a common theme for the first half of life but tends to become a major consideration once middle-age settles in. More “mature” souls may begin to search the rear-view mirror for clues, posing the question, “What is the essence of my legacy to humankind?” In certain cases, when the ending arrives rapidly and without expectation, legacy is hazy and left mostly unplanned. Continue reading “The Unmatched Legacy of Late Bonita Bay Resident, Anne Macias”

Bonita Bay: From Vision to Reality – Honoring Founder David Shakarian

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I never worked a day in my life. It’s not work when you love what you’re doing. 

-David Shakarian

As a resident – or guest – of Bonita Bay, have you ever walked outside your property to observe the unique landscape, or driven through the main gate and wondered how it all began? Have you contemplated how this incredible parcel of two thousand four hundred acres came to exist?

If you’ve read Bonita Bay resident, David Shellenbarger’s book, Unspoiled Will Spoil You, The History of the Development of Bonita Bay, then you probably possess a solid historical foundation of Bonita Bay’s timeline that began in the mid-1980s and continues today. If you are not familiar with the history of Bonita Bay, it began with another man named David.

David Shakarian.

And this is his story… Continue reading “Bonita Bay: From Vision to Reality – Honoring Founder David Shakarian”

Bonita Bay: A Pathway for the Monarchs

103BG-ArborWhen David Shakarian first began planning Bonita Bay, one can only wonder if his mind’s eye envisioned everything that this distinguished community offers today – over 30 years later. Almost certainly he may not have considered the ethereal addition of a specified habitat for one pleasant floaty creature; a garden dedicated to the propagation of butterflies. 

Butterfly Garden History

According to Steve Pietrzyk, former director of grounds maintenance operations for Bonita Bay Properties, the scope of planning the Butterfly Garden began in the mid-90s. “Back then, everyone wanted to be here (Bonita Bay) and we were always looking for new and cool things to do – things that were ‘award-worthy.’ At the time, there were no high-rises and visiting Estero Bay Park was like traveling to the ends of the earth!”, says Pietrzyk. Continue reading “Bonita Bay: A Pathway for the Monarchs”

BBCA Remains Audubon Certified – 14 Years Strong!


For the past 14 years running, the Bonita Bay Community Association has proudly boasted the elite status of being named an Audubon Certified Cooperative Sanctuary. The Audubon program concerns itself with five key environmental components that form the basis of their educational materials and serve as focal points for achieving certification status; Environmental Planning, Wildlife and Habitat Management, Water and Resource Management and finally, Outreach and Education. Continue reading “BBCA Remains Audubon Certified – 14 Years Strong!”

BB Employees’ Life-Saving Day

Apart from regular daily tasks and routine duties, situations arise that often require an immediate accelerated shift into another mode – ACTION. To switch from everyday work operations to emergency task trained procedures can be challenging, yet on February 21st, the team at the Bonita Bay Beach Park did that very thing. They transitioned effortlessly from the everyday operational mode to an immediate emergency response and all in the blink of an eye.


While winter plays its dreary pranks all over the northern half of the U.S, Florida takes a more dreamy approach to the season by showcasing enviable weather featuring its shining star – the beach!

One day while indulging in the local sand and salt life, Bonita Bay resident Audrey Ferraro, along with her friend Jeanne, was waiting for lunch from the Railhead Cafe, the onsite food service that offers daily bites to beachgoers during the busy winter season.

Completely out of the sunny blue sky, Audrey and Jeanne witnessed something wholly unexpected. Matthew Rutkowski, a cafe worker, suddenly – and without warning – collapsed.

Before anyone knew what was happening, Jeanne – former elementary school nurse – flew into action, and muscled the break-away counter back, and began to assess the victim. When no pulse was detected, Jeanne immediately began to perform chest compressions. Continue reading “BB Employees’ Life-Saving Day”