Honoring BB resident photographer Anne Macias

Editor’s note: It is not customary to highlight one Bonita Bay resident over another, yet due to her overwhelming exposure in the community, her unrivaled passion for photography, and her unwavering support of the Community Activities team, it is with esteemed honor that we dedicate this post to Anne Macias.

Anne’s photography graces the Bonita Bay website, the walls of the administration offices and activities center, and is a staple in many social media collages and postings. It is unlikely that Anne’s legacy to the preservation of birds on Hidden Harbor islands, her dedication to nature and wildlife – and to our team –  will ever be replicated. 

Saskia Jones, Ann Paul (from Audubon), and Anne Macias researching birds on Hidden Harbor Lake (June of 2014).

If you are a resident of Bonita Bay and have ever attended a Bay Breeze Concert, the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, went to the Beach Park for a sunset view on the fourth of July or braved the infamous Easter Egg Hunt at any point over the last few decades (or longer?!) then chances are – you knew Anne Macias! Continue reading “Honoring BB resident photographer Anne Macias”


Valentine’s Day Special: A Bonita Bay Love Story

Love CandyWe all know the classic romanticized linear love story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl get married and have a family. Until death do they part. The End.

Yet, not all love stories are as straight-forward as the classic love story.

Some love stories replicate a complicated maze; unclear exactly how or where one entered this crazy love-maze and no apparent clue where the twists and turns will end. Without scientific cause and defying all explanation, the crazy love maze delivers love once again, often disguised as something more benign initially. Yet the impact leaves reverberations on lonely souls, rescuing them from their despair. Those that may have vowed “never to love again,” fearful there is no chance of “lightning striking twice” are often happily surprised.  Continue reading “Valentine’s Day Special: A Bonita Bay Love Story”

Bonita Bay Arborist Celebrates 5 Years

It takes many hands to ensure the grounds of Bonita Bay regularly greets residents with grandiose splendor and natural beauty – and this includes varying species of thousands of trees!

Did you know that Bonita Bay has a certified arborist on staff to keep the canopy of trees looking their stellar best?  Meet Santiago Roman!


Santiago has been working for the Bonita Bay Community Association for five years as of January 2018. He discovered this career calling by a combination of his love for the outdoors and a family landscape business. No doubt, it’s a collaboration of genetics and passion! Continue reading “Bonita Bay Arborist Celebrates 5 Years”

Bonita Bay Nesting Birds – an Audubon Focus

For a second straight year, Bonita Bay – an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Property recognized for its sustainable natural resource management and environmental stewardship, was recently visited by Audubon’s Regional Coordinator, Ann Paul, who was researching a famed nesting spot of local wading bird colonies – Bonita Bay’s own Hidden Harbor Lake and the islands therein.

Macias Great Blue Heron 12.2017
Great Blue Heron nest on Hidden Harbor Lake island.

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Hurricane Irma: Before & After

Hurricane Irma: Before & After

As a community that sustained a direct hit from a category 2 hurricane, with the eye-wall passing directly overhead, there were a variety of possible endings to apply at the conclusion of this storm. Thankfully, ours is one of luck and gratitude. Many who witnessed the ire of Irma first-hand determined we literally “dodged a bullet” based on initial forecast interpretations by local weather experts.

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What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!

What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!

horse racing

For horse-racing fans, you understand the importance and excitement of correctly naming a “trifecta” (essentially, three winners crossing the finish line in a particular order).

In the story that follows, you’ll discover an actionable, real-life example of a trifecta (although, in this specific case, the emphasis of the order isn’t the priority, but rather the focus lies within the three defined parties who cross the finish line).

Additionally, this “local trifecta”  is not found on a track filled with dirt, but rather in a community filled with encouragement. The three entities for whom “community” is synonymous with “kinship” and “cooperation” include Habitat For Humanity,  the award-winning landscape experts from O’Donnell Landscapes and the Bonita Bay Community Association.  Continue reading “What a Successful Trifecta Looks Like!”